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The XVIII International HIV Drug Resistance Workshop has gained a reputation over the last 17 years as being the premier meeting on HIV drug resistance. Leading laboratory and clinical scientists present their latest research at this Workshop, which often results in innovative approaches to antiretroviral therapy. The Workshop is renowned for the quality of the data presented and the depth of the scientific interaction and debate.

This year the workshop is being held at the Sanibel Harbour Hotel in Fort Myers, FL on June 9-13, 2009
The Workshop continues to attract the most prominent scientists and clinicians, thereby maintaining the Workshop's excellent reputation for cutting-edge science and service. Additionally, through support of our Funding Partners, scholarships are available for young scientists and community representatives.

HIV Drug Resistance in Resource Poor Countries
One of the topics that will be highlighted at this year’s HIV Drug Resistance Workshop is the emergence of HIV drug resistance as a consequence of the global expansion antiretroviral therapy. In past six years, the number of people receiving antiretroviral therapy in low and middle-income countries has increased ten-fold, reaching almost 3 million people by the end of 2007. This enormous progress is potentially threatened by the selection and transmission of HIV drug resistance. It is important that all scientists investigating HIV drug resistance internationally share data and ideas, as well as develop potential synergistic collaborations.
The Session will be coorganized by Amilcar Tanuri, MD, PhD (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro). Investigators working on HIV-1 drug resistance in developing countries are strongly encouraged to submit abstracts describing their latest findings to the Workshop.

HIV-1 Persistence, Reservoirs and Elimination Strategies
Current antiretroviral therapy suppresses HIV-1 infection but cannot eradicate it because there are long-lived cellular reservoirs that are latentlyinfected or that chronically produce HIV-1. These reservoirs are likely to be the source of residual low-level viremia on antiretroviral therapy, although ongoing, complete cycles of HIV-1 replication have not been excluded. The persistence of HIV-1 requires new insights into the molecular basis of latency, the cellular and anatomic reservoirs of HIV-1, the immunopathogenic consequence of viral persistence, and novel approaches to reduce or eliminate viral expression and cellular reservoirs. Research on these critical topics will be highlighted at the XVIII Workshop through a Special Session of invited talks and abstract presentations The Session will be co-organized by Robert Siliciano, MD, PhD (Johns Hopkins University) and David Margolis, MD (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill). Investigators working on HIV-1 persistence, reservoirs and elimination strategies are strongly encouraged to submit abstracts describing their latest findings to the Workshop.

HBV/HCV Resistance
In view of the rapidly expanding area of HBV/HCV drug development and the many parallels with antiretroviral
therapy, the Scientific Committee is building on last year’s success with the addition of HBV/HCV resistance content. As there continue to be lessons to be learned from the HIV drug resistance field, the Committee will continue to solicit HBV/HCV resistance abstracts for the 2009 Workshop.

The XVIII International HIV Drug Resistance Workshop is a closed workshop, with a limited attendance of 250 delegates. All individuals interested in attending this Workshop MUST submit an application prior to the deadline of THURSDAY, April 2, 2009. An on-line application is available on this Workshop Website. All applications will be acknowledged, but this acknowledgment does NOT represent a confirmation of acceptance to register. Applications sent via E-mail cannot be accepted.


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