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We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to participate inS2E-HCV Workshop: Seek, Test, Treat, Eradicate HCV (S2E-HCV Workshop) which will be held on September 12-14, 2012 at the Emory University Conference Center and School of Public Health in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Conference Program Highlights
The conference program includes the following sessions:

•     A New Path to HCV Eradication
•     Identifying Whom to Treat and How
•     Global Status of HCV Prevalence and Treatment
•     Difficult to Treat Populations: Optimizing Access and Outcome
•     Workshop: Seek, Test and Treat for Optimal Eradication of HCV Initiative: Towards a Blueprint for Eradication
•     Preclinical and Clinical Advances in HCV Therapeutics

Learning Objectives
The Scientific Committee has designed the Conference program to ensure that the delegates achieve the following learning objectives:

•     Determine approaches to and challenges of identifying, screening and diagnosing HCV infected individuals
•     Describe the global status of HCV epidemiology
•     Review current treatment guidelines for HCV in adults and children
•     Define difficult-to-treat HCV-infected populations
•     Describe the latest developments in HCV therapeutics
•     Determine the economic impact of HCV therapeutics
•     Define challenges for treatment and decreasing transmission
•     Describe novel genetic markers for HCV disease and treatment
•     Provide recommendations for a global blueprint for "Seek, Test, Treat and Eradicate" efforts

Target Audience
The S2E-HCV Workshop is open to anyone interested in HCV therapeutics and eradication. However, the content was developed to interest primarily physicians, clinicians, scientists, nurses and clinical researchers in infectious diseases.

Official Language
English will be used throughout the Conference. Simultaneous translations will not be available.

S2E-HCV Workshop: Seek, Test, Treat, Eradicate HCV will inspire vibrant discussions in a stimulating environment where basic and clinical scientists can freely challenge norms and become champions of innovation. As a result, you will leave the conference with a renewed dedication to continue improving the lives of people infected with HCV. We look forward to your participation!

Raymond F. Schinazi, PhD, DSc
On behalf of the S2E-HCV Workshop Organizing Committee



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